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Trinity Box System

Henry Tao

My design concept is a new box system which uses Loll’s material and structures to redefine storage in the entryway. The Trinity Box System is for easy fabrication using Loll’s core competency in manufacturing. The design only employs two different elements needed to build the boxes. Three boxes become a set, and sets can be combined into more sets to create hundreds of different positive and negative spaces.


Cloth Luminaire

Randall Yarborough

Cloth Luminaire, Line extension of Knoll products. My design concept stems from research into the development of the Paper Clip Table designed in 1993. My concept was inspired by the linkage of the Paper Clip Table to the Handkerchief chair, which extended the logic of utilitarian object-languages as inspiration for form.


U Chair

Xiaoxiao Pu

I was inspired by the shape of Vignelli’s Circolo Chair, 1979. I designed a lighter, more practical office chair by following the original chair’s visual language while providing a variety of combinations of chair legs to choose from in order to achieve the different needs in the work space.



Behrad Ghodsi

Café Latte is a type of drink that is enjoyed slowly. The Perch is designed to create more ergonomic features between the user and the product throughout the experience.



Brendan Gordon

Entryways are bivalent, posing no clean break of space and time and demanding a moment of pause. A traditional piece of utility, the cobbler’s bench is also bivalent in nature. Not simply chair or desk, bench or table, it is a fusion of two basic needs—space to work and space to sit. Cobbler honors Loll’s legacy of historical reference, re-envisioning a shoe-maker’s tool, designed for linear work and attention to the more intimate objects in life. It is an aid to a doorway’s pause.


i-Dinner: Bowl With Acoustic Component

Jong Soo Gang

I was inspired by Vignelli’s Stacking Dinnerware for Heller 1967. My design explores contemporary lifestyles by engaging technology, information and consumption in the home.