Handkerchief Armchair

Jason Liu

I was inspired by Vignelli’s Handkerchief chair designed around 1985 for Knoll International. I redesigned the armed version for expressing softness and lightness as the main characteristics of a handkerchief form.

I believe this approach creates a more unified and direct expression, while maintained stacking as the important function. The new chairs are shown in red, white and black in order to represent the designer’s color theory.

Handkerchief ArmChair-Jason-1

Handkerchief ArmChair-Jason-2Handkerchief ArmChair-Jason-3


Handkerchief Chair

Producer: Knoll Studio
Designer: Massimo Vignelli & Lella Vignelli
Design Development: David Law
Design Year: 1982-1987
Collection: Die Neue Sammlung, Munich & MOMA

Background Information

“Handkerchief Chair Vignelli Associates introduces design elegance to the high density stacking chair. Fluid in form, the chair evokes the light, soft, contours of a handkerchief floating through the air. The graciously scaled, ergonomically sculpted shell offers spacious comfort and ample support. With the offering of arm and seatpad options, the chair fits easily into a variety of offices, conference rooms and dining areas, making it a welcome addition a almost any environment. Am optional tablet, ganging mechanism and dolly further enhance the chair’s versatility.”


“Massimo Vignelli was part of a larger design movement, that of the International Style. This design principal employed the modular grid, and arranged content in a minimalist fashion to get the content to the viewer. These designs were meant to utilize the rational way in which people perceive information, in order to help them remember the content, be it a product label or a corporate logo.”



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Handkerchief ArmChair-Jason-Process1

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