i-Dinner: Bowl With Acoustic Component

Jong Soo Gang

I was inspired by Vignelli’s Stacking Dinnerware for Heller 1967. My design explores contemporary lifestyles by engaging technology, information and consumption in the home.

iBowl JongSoo1

iBowl JongSoo2iBowl JongSoo3


Vignelli’s stacking dinnerware is really important artifact in his design life. He used plastic material (melamine) for high tolerance, with plastic he could obtain very sharp shapes, and ideal conditions for stack-ability. It gave the Compasso d’Oro Award to him and makes a bridgehead to enter the American market with Heller. Heller produced this stacking dinnerware with brilliant colors. It captured consumers’ attention quickly and became a part of the American life style.


iBowl JongSoo - Inspiration1

iBowl JongSoo - Inspiration2iBowl JongSoo - Inspiration3


iBowl JongSoo-Process1

iBowl JongSoo-Process2iBowl JongSoo-Process3