Modular Nesting Furniture System

Chunxiao Zhu

I was inspired by the American Collection furniture models I found in the Vignelli Center archives. This conceptual program for a group of furniture was never produced. I was inspired by the simple and elegant shapes of the models.

I refined the basic forms I saw in this collection and combined them with a modular design strategy to organize them into a compact system.

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Poltronova Saratoga Furniture 1964
This comprehensive lacquered furniture and its boxy design, the first this kind of marketplace, established a trend for year to come. Designed to have built-in look, the furniture glossy hard edge contrast with the soft pillows.

Casigliani Metafoa coffee table, 1979
Casigliani Metafoa 2 coffee table, 1988

Massimo said that they like to design furniture in which the user can participate in the final configuration. Each piece, then, become quite different, but without a loss of identity. For this set of design, it just took two days from started designing to finished. But they are sold well on market.

Acerbis Cresus Table 1985
Acerbis Serenissimo Table 2007

These tables stress the contrast between the heaviness of the legs and the thinness of the top by using metal legs and a sheet of glass top.

Knoll Handkerchief Chair 1982-1987
After eight years in product development, the Handkerchief chair was produced finally and, somehow heavier and desired. However, it became a classic for its proportion and elegance.

Poltrona Frau Interview Chair 1988
Poltrona Frau CEO office furniture line 1988
This set of design is all for one company.

Bernini Desk 1998
Bernini Forte Table 1991

Each part of this desk has its proper function, apparently unrelated to each other as form. The red L shaped element is a file cabinet on one side and a bar on the other side of the gray modesty panel. The black tube is just a supporting leg and the piano shaped top is glass, to reveal the play of the desk components.

Heller Outdoor collection 2005
Heller lounge chair 2006
The Vignelli chair is molded in one piece of nylon compound. Produce in bright red, gray, and black with a high glossy finish this chair could be used for both interior or exterior spaces.

BK Italia 2006
CUBO BK convertible bed 2007
The convertible sofa BK 103 is one of the products they have redesigned for BK Italia, along with a repositioning of their product line, a new corporate identity, new promotional material and trade shows stands.

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