2 Go Packaging Design With Surprise Graphics

Flora Qiangwei Zhu

The new “2 Go” logo design was inspired by the colors and shapes used on the original packaging designed in 1990 for Pei’s Place (a cafeteria).

I was attracted by the clean, pure packaging designs and the simple, colorful logo. I modified the original design by adding more functionality and the surprise element of a hidden logo in all pieces of the packaging program.

To Go Packaging Design With Surprise Graphics by Flora Zhu

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The artifact that was selected for my research, was the “2 Go“ packaging identity and design. The packaging design includes two kinds of boxes, a cup, and a paper bag. The design looks clean and simple. What most attracts me in this design, is the simple and colorful logo. This logo is the only composition of this packaging design. The basic information that exists for the logo is the date, client name, designer name, and the “Pei’s Place” logo printed on the To Go cup.


Built for CenTrust Savings & Loan in 1987, the Centrust Miami Tower is located in central downtown Miami, FL. It goes by the former names of the CenTrust Tower, NationsBank Tower, and Bank of America Tower. The tower was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architectural Firm. Located in the sky lobby on the 11th floor, Pei’s Place cafeteria was name after architect I.M. Pei. The building has gained notoriety for its luxurious interiors, which include a lobby covered in marble and gold. In 2004, Pei’s Place changed its name to the Sky Grill Cafe. It is currently a cafeteria that provides a salad bar, sandwiches, grab & go take out breakfast, and lunch deli. It is frequented by the building’s sizable workforce, but open to the public.

Design Details

The logo was created under the art direction of designer Michael Bierut, while working at Vignelli Associates in the late 1980s. The logo uses two different typefaces; ITC Didi (Dinoda) and Avant Garde. The colors that are used represent the stop, yield, and go of a traffic light.


The original packaging designed in 1990 for Pei’s Place.

To Go - Flora - Inspiration1

To Go - Flora - Inspiration2To Go - Flora - Inspiration3


Logo and packaging structure development.

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