Vignelli Workstation

Igor Sobolevsky

This laptop / desktop stand has been inspired by the Serenissimo table which was designed in 1985. The relationship between thick and thin elements in the original design inspired the drama of forms in my piece, while creating space for computing, cord management and storage. The circular slotted design on the top punctuates the surface, while providing ventilation.

Workstation - Igor1

Workstation - Igor2Workstation - Igor3


I began by exploring the shape relationships in the Serenissimo table. After a closer investigation I found that the elements of this piece reflect Vignelli’s tendency for combining thick and thin elements. One of my main design goals was to preserve this dramatic shape relationship. Sketches and subsequent mock-ups led me to a tabletop piece that would function as computer stand. Four hollow cylindrical legs were perfect for storage of office products and cord management. I also incorporated a narrow slot on each leg. This design element allows the cords to come out and connect to power and peripherals. The top surface needed a design element that would punctuate, generate interest and maintain the existing dialogue of circular shapes. I looked to Dieter Rams for inspiration. And after numerous pattern explorations arrived at the circular grille shape reminiscent of Rams’ Braun RT-20 design. “Space Bar” by Quirky was an inspiration as well because it had that space saving tabletop functionality.


Vignelli Workstation InspirationVignelli Workstation Inspiration


Vignelli Workstation Process

Workstation - Igor - Process2Workstation - Igor - Process3