Big Mailbox

Zimo Pan

Traditional domestic mailboxes generally do not accommodate large packages. Therefore delivery agents often leave large parcels in compromising positions on stops or front porches. In addition to privacy issues, uncovered boxes are red-flags that no one is ate home which creates an additional safety concern. “Big Mailbox” addresses this problem. Constructed of durable, recycled plastic, it can last an extremely long time in adverse and varied climatic conditions.


The USPS has the standard height and depth for the outdoor mailbox. It’s about 41” to 45” off the ground and back about 6” to 8” from the curb. And also, the biggest package size is 34”x 17”x17”. The Big Mailbox is based on these sizes and perfectly fit for standards.


Massimo Vignelli Coffee Table

The coffee table is very simple and clean design. It shows the function directly with just the form. I want to do the same like that. The big mailbox is follow the originally mailbox shape with bigger volume for packages and better safety for houses.