Lei Hong

A chalkboard is a traditional public communication channel. In an increasingly digital world it is a nostalgic and highly personal statement. Chalker is a space for reminders, and a special home communication device for family members, which creates a warm and sweet link between public and private worlds. The design of Chalker is based on the manufacturing capabilities of Loll Designs. And the material is durable, recycled plastic.


The Heller Dinnerware Set, designed by Massimo Vignelli, inspired me to design a simple, clearly, and timeless product.


Entryway is the first and last room your guests see, so creating a welcoming and memorable space is key. An entryway is more than a simple doorway, Serving as a bridge where the transition is made from the exterior, public world to the interior, private world. The decorating choices also play a large role in creating a warm and welcoming feeling. The entry should lead the individual inside to experience the interior architecture.

Entryways are sense zones.

In the aesthetic sense, this means that an entryway should be a place where family members can pause, either before leaving the sanctuary of home, or when returning after a day of work or school. An entryway engages as many senses as possible with fountains, lighting, artworks, plants, rugs, and a connection to the outdoors.

Entryways are drop zones.

Before leaving or after returning home, the entryway provides a space to grab or drop all daily stuff. Such as keys, purses, backpacks, shoes, coats, scarves, umbrella, hats, sunglasses, etc.

Entryways are functional zones.

Expect for dropping stuff, entryway is a collection room. A storage for storing some inactive stuff, a chair for changing shoes, a note board for message, a hanger for coats and so on.