Functional Wall Tiles

Erica Nwankwo

Wall tiles have existed intrinsically as cladding elements. User interaction has been limited to tactile, visual, protective and sensory. Functional wall tiles provide basic day to day usability in the form of holding, hanging, placing, and shelving personal belongings. Perfect for the entryway and available in multiple colors, theses functional tiles come in a set of four, a universal hanger, hook, palette, and shelf. Assembly is hassle free and can be easily mounted on the wall.


“Function Tiles” were created by Droog Designers, Peter van der Jagt, Erik-Jan Kwakkel, and Arnout Visser. Their design makes the tiles work more functionally, thus the name “Function Tiles”.


I was inspired by the elegant simplicity of Massimo Vignelli’s Stacking Dinnerware for Heller. The design of this timeless piece allowed me to explore different ways of combining simple forms and functions, using the Loll material, while maintaining that Vignelli aesthetic.