Fill to Line

Patricio Corvolan

This cappuccino vessel called “Fill to Line” provides a measure of ideal ingredient proportions to the user. This glass has three instructional dashed lines that tell the user where they need to stop when adding each ingredient. The cup will assist with preparing cappuccinos at home, as well as training new baristas.



Cappuccino Coffee got its name from its color but must coffee shops are selling this beverage served in a opaque cup. Something that stands out the cappuccino from other hot beverages is its layers formed by the different densities from its components, espresso, milk and foam. Coffee is that comfortable warm moment between tasks, where one can relax and charge energy for what comes next.


There is a difference between the classic size of cappuccino and the one we can see at the main coffee shop franchise, like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and others. The selected size for this project is the classic one to respect the tradition of this beverage. It is not about quantity, it is about taste and aroma.

There are several ‘coffee related’ blogs out there in the web and each of them has at least one post about how to prepare the perfect homemade cappuccino. On the other hand, coffee shops have their own recipe and steps to follow that differ from the ones on the web.
The key objective of this project is to offer a practical tool for training baristas and bring home the possibility to prepare a good cappuccino with the perfect proportions.


Reading different texts about people’s emotions regarding coffee I realized that there is a specific imagery environment around this warming beverage. Comfy coffee shops have a set of materials, lights and aromas that are quite appealing and call for people to come in for a cup of coffee. Trying to address these elements and communicate them in some way is the engine of inspiration that moved this project.

The colors and materials of this cup are intended to convey in a manner this cozy virtual environment that is triggered every time some asks – Hey, do you want a cup of coffee?