Kinetic Whiskey Glass

Timothy Bromm

The Kinetic Whiskey Glass accentuates the importance of sound and motion experienced during the act of drinking whiskey. A glass ball is housed within an enclosed ‘floating’ chamber. In the process of swirling the ball around the base, the whiskey can be synchronized, introducing elements of skill and play into the drinking experience.


bromm_01 bromm_02


The first written knowledge of whiskey (whisky) dates back to 1494 on the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland. Ever since this time, a glass of whiskey has created a presence within a number of social settings. Historically the drink has been consumed in a variety of ways and there is a significant social tie associated with the drink. The goal of the Kinetic Whiskey Glass is to approach the interactive aspects whiskey drinking, while addressing the culture that surrounds this product.