Magnifier Shot Glass

Zhuo Wang

This magnifier shot glass is designed to be a souvenir for Corning Museum of Glass. Shot glass is a common souvenir besides used for drinking shot, and this concept is try to combine the art with technology because Corning is the leader of glass industry with a lot of high-tech on glass, also I want to bring some function to the shot glass instead of just design a souvenir for people to collect.

Magnifier Shot Glass

Magnifier Shot Glass Magnifier Shot Glass


Magnifier Shot Glass


As most of other souvenirs, when a traveller buys a shot glass souvenir, it is usually used for collection rather than for drinking shot. Some people put it into a showcase and some people put it into a drawer. So I want to design a shot glass that is both collectable and functional.


WangR1Magnifier Shot Glass