Tea Ripple

Qunxi Huang

The Tea Ripple is a glass teacup design showing the contrast between movement and stillness. It includes a glass cup and a coaster. The wave forms on the cup’s surface show beautiful movement and also make it comfortable for users to hold even when the tea is very hot.




Tea should be consumed when it is hot. How can people avoid burning themselves while holding a glass comfortably? For the ideation part, I tried to use different ways to solve this problem. For example; using two layers to prevent the high temperature from burning the skin and combining other materials with glass. I chose to use the texture form on the glass surface to prevent high temperature.


The form of the cup is inspired by the natural shape of a rain ripple, and also inspired by Massimo Vignelli’s Design. After making different models, the ergonomic details were tested with the users. The design was then changed to improve the user experience.