Turkish Coffee Cup

Aisha Iskanderani

This design enhances the tradition of using the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup to tell the user’s fortune. The transparancy of the glass vessel and it’s crystal ball like form make this functionally and emotionally rich.


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aisha_03 aisha_render

The Story

While researching Turkish coffee history, I found that there are many rituals that take place before and after drinking. One of these rituals is fortune telling. Fortune telling involves reading the coffee grounds shapes that are left inside the cup and on the saucer after finishing the coffee. The ritual of fortune telling is popular throughout Middle Eastern societies and specifically Turkey. After evaluating fortune telling habits, I was inspired and designed the Orb, a fortune telling coffee cup. Orb tells the fortune using coffee grounds that can be observed through a transparent coffee cup made from glass. This is a new creative way to maintain the traditions associated with Turkish coffee.